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Implant Hybrid Bridges

Fixed Hybrid Bridges

A fixed hybrid bridge is an implant that can permanently replace all of the upper or lower teeth. Some patients have lost all their teeth and choose to have them permanently replaced. Other patients have teeth, but suffer from periodontitis and/or dental decay. Instead of choosing an extensive treatment to keep them, they opt for tooth removal and replacement with a fixed hybrid bridge.

Step By Step Procedure For A Full Arch Implant Bridge
Brushing Your Teeth:

The treatment procedure and number of visits is largely dependent on the specifics of your case. Generally, 2-3 appointments for single implants and 3-6 appointments for fixed hybrid brides over 6 months period are needed to complete your work. Most patients report that they are much more comfortable following the procedure than they had anticipated.
Installing The Fixed Bridge ? Step-By-Step
The course of treatment described here is for a denture wearing patient with healthy bone and gums. Consult your doctor to find the best solution for you, given your specific case.
1: Before the procedure
The doctor conducts a thorough evaluation and outlines a treatment plan to review with you.
2: Installing the implants
The first step is installing dental implants to create new tooth roots. In most cases, four to six implants are used. If initial stabilization is achieved a temporary PMMA bridge will be attached the next day, enabling the Doctor to establish a bite and check function.
3. After all esthetic requirements have been met and proper function achieved, the permanent bridge will be fabricated.
4. End result
Your new teeth should be hard to distinguish from natural teeth ? both for yourself and others. People who had traditional dentures before getting a fixed bridge usually experience greatly enhanced functionality and comfort and report being thrilled with the results.